Clean and clear windows really brighten up any room, as well as making it easier to enjoy those warm, sunny days! If you want to have the best curb appeal in the neighborhood then clean windows are an absolute must. It can take so much time though and using windex and a paper towel doesn’t get them spotless. Solution? Call Keith Pressure Washing today and get your windows​ professionally​ cleaned!



Once dirt and grime really begin to build on your windows(especially those second story hard to reach ones) then the finish on your window can actually be damaged and it is irreversible. Also, mentioning those higher windows, it can also be dangerous for a homeowner to climb a ladder and try to clean those higher windows. Most importantly to some however, it increases your home’s value AND curb appeal. At Keith Pressure Washing we will make sure your windows have a spot free shine and are clean of dirt,grime, and even webs or bugs. We never use anything that could scratch or damage the window but only cleaning products and techniques that won’t even leave a streak behind! If you’re ready to see your homes full potential, call us for a free estimate today.